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writing is the beautiful way to express oneself, the emotions in it are pure and delicate.

Karma Susanoo

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Randomness 3

The day ends up with me being all tired and drowsy. But when I start to take some good needed rest the events that occured during the day time just flies directly in my mind and I am left there pondering about all those things I did. Especially the worst details would be the solid…

Randomness 2.

As I lay my head down the sense of upcoming thoughts triggers me to be silent and focused so that I can completely comprehend the thoughts that would later invade my mind. First and foremost would be the tension of how to steer my life to what I want it to be. Living the life…

Random thoughts

The day, that we came to this world was full of pain, blood and screams of agony but it proved to be something majestic as a human being was brought to this world. After all those hardships a mother went through in the end she found a part of herself in you. Life is just…

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