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writing is the beautiful way to express oneself, the emotions in it are pure and delicate.

Karma Susanoo

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Nation of dream

 In the realm of  The majestic Himalaya  Lies a nation  Where smiles can be seen  Bright as the sun, A nation full of  Felicity  Where the richness of the  Cultures  Are engraved in the Hearts of the citizen, A nation where  Perseverance of  Self happiness is  Adhered  A unique nation  With unique tradition For itContinue reading “Nation of dream”


As the shadows of desperation looms over me  My heart and will slowly dying out,  My world significantly silenced  Like the moonless night my life left all dark,  The one piece of happiness  That kept me from loneliness  My spark confiscated,  My heart painfully weeping  My whole body shaking,  Relishing in the agonizing truth  MyContinue reading “MY PAIN”


 A yellow jade floating in the atmosphere  Emitting loving beams destroying fear,  Following your designated itinerary  Your powers unimaginably extraordinary!,  Your appearance dazzling  Your origin mind-boggling!, Power of God you possess Considered to be a noblesse, Dwellings worshipping you everyday Keeping darkness away,  Hope and light you pass down  Your name well renown!, Supplying indefiniteContinue reading “Sun”

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